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2024 U.S. Classic: Immediate Post-Meet Reactions

Welcome to Behind The Scenes!

Our immediate reactions after U.S. Classic Podium featuring Olympic AA Champions: Simone Biles, Suni Lee and Gabby Douglas. We are answering questions and discussing everything Classic including what you didn’t see on camera. We are recording about 30 min after the meet ends (view it right here, on the page, login to reveal the podcast).

Here’s how to ask questions live. Can’t make it live? Add all the exclusive Club Gym Nerd bonus content to your favorite podcast player –  instructions here.

Tonight, judge Nicole Langevin from Precision Choreography joined Jessica to talk all about Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas’s performance and what’s next for her, Suni Lee’s triumphant return on floor, Shilese freakin’ Jones and her massive 15.250 bar score, the unexpected falls, and more.

Watch the podium training montage here (be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re there) and the heartwarming photos from podium training.

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Jyl Barlow
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

Yay for Suni!
So sad for Konnor.
Shilese? Holy shiteballs!
And Jos is starting to give me Rebecca Bross vibes.

Beth Crane
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

Nicole and Jessica on one podcast, this was awesome!!!

William Payne
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

I’m so sad, I would have won this week’s fantasy if Gabby vaulted. I was at a 209.9 missing a whole vault score

Drew Hensley
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

Screaming at Simone’s new beam choreo being the Jojo Siwa Karma choreo

Lisa Arrington
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

I hope Konner can come back! Gabby should not have left… I really like them both…I think Conner was coming for that spot!

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