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Olympic Champion Triple Header : 2024 U.S. Classic Preview


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2024 U.S. Classic Preview

Michigan great and TV analyst, Olivia Karas fills in for Spencer to discuss this week’s epic meet. For the first time in the history of women’s gymnastics, three all-around Olympic Champions will compete against each other.

  • 1:40 The historic-ness of this meet
  • 2:42 What does Gabby Douglas need to do to qualify on all events to Championships and with what scores for the Paris Team
  • 7:23 The saga of Suni Lee and whether to petition or skip bars at Classic
  • 9:38 More context about Simone’s first meet of 2024, including the Landis saying, “no” when she wanted to come back for Paris
  • 27:37  the new injury rules
  • 30:38 What to expect from the 2023 World Team members: Shilese Jones, Skye Blakely and Josc Roberson
  • 33:20 The NCAA to Elite roster: Leanne Wong, Kayla DiCello, Konnor McClain, Trinity Thomas and Jordan Chiles
  • 27:01 Favorite routines and skills from sneak attack stars like Myli Lew, Jayla Hang, CaMarah Williams and Kaliya Lincoln


    • 1:01:02 Australian Championships
    • 1:03:37 Simone Biles GOAT tour now with men
    • 1:07:40 Shang Chunsong won a parkour meet
    • 1:09:40 Olympic Channel documentary on Viktoriia Onopriienko
    • 1:10:22 Larissa Libby out at Iowa, Karina Muñoz made a post, we’ll tell you what happened
    • Haleigh Bryant won the Honda Award
    • 1:19:07 Moroccan Federation filed a complaint against the Algerian Federation with the FIG
    • 1:20:23 Adding insult to injury, the Minnesota Men are losing their gym
    • Asia D’Amato (ITA) is out with a knee injury
    • 1:21:34 The IOC is providing AMAZING mental health support for Paris Olympians during and after the games

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