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Behind The Scenes: Holiday Special

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BTS is a weekly Q&A podcast just for club gym nerd members! It’s our appreciation love letter to club members for supporting the show. Here’s how to ask questions live.

This week on Behind The Scenes: More from Spitfire star Kristie Phillips interview; topics banned from the show; University of Maryland’s Gymkana program; Suni’s impact on Auburn ticket prices/scalpers pockets; new Swiss and Austrian coaches; better way to market the GOAT tour; Perifit; hiring after Tom Forster; why were their so few US Amanar’s this quint; a judge suggests substitutes phrases for Carol or Correct; gymnasts horoscopes displayed on tv; and GymCastic plans for the rest of the year.

Videos –college judging the way it’s supposed to be done:

NCAA Beam Clinic 2022 Rules – YouTube

NCAA Vault Clinic 2022 Rules – YouTube

NAWGJ & WGCA Clinic on Bar Landing Deductions – YouTube

NAWGJ & WGCA Clinic: Balance Deductions on Beam – YouTube

NAWGJ & WGCA Clinic on Beam Landing Deductions – YouTube

JAS/NAWGJ Update: December 2021 – YouTube

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Gym Nerd
2 years ago

To second the person who wrote in about Gymkana, it was really so fun! And yes they did talk to us about drugs quite a bit for an elementary school gymnastics performance? Anyways if you’re in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, definitely check it out. Also, it is QUITE the shock to go from playing trampoline games at Gymkana to then getting through Hills camp lol please prepare your child or yourself accordingly I was not prepared.

Catherine Beach
Gym Nerd
2 years ago

Went to Meet the Bruins tonight and it looks like Jordan is going to have an amazingggg freshman season. Double pike dismount on beam and front full step out to double pike on floor; all super clean.

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