Behind The Scenes: Of Santa

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Behind The Scenes, Club Content, Video

behind the scenes dec 11 2020

Behind The Scenes: So many holiday tradition suggestions for last week’s listener; our questions about sports + periods pre tampons; more info on banned skills including these kinds of vaults; NCAA judging; Kathy Johnson merch; why do we get so many comments if we say we don’t like something; the museum of menstruation;

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DEADLINE: On December 12 we will pick three winners from our favorites. * We will use your recording on the podcast. You can make it anonymous.

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A reminder that we will be live blogging every day from inside the arena to provide insights on things broadcast and not. Once competition completes, we will talk with athletes then record our #podcast.
Thank you club members! #gymnastics #tokyo2020