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Behind The Scenes: Simone’s Wedding

Welcome to Behind The Scenes!

We are recording right here on this page at noon Pacific. Our weekly Behind The Scenes Q&A live podcast is for Club Gym Nerd members. It’s our appreciation love letter to club members for supporting the show. Here’s how to ask questions live. We discuss:

  • The time Jessica made a baseball player cry
  • Simone Biles wedding
  • FIG delays Russia decision
  • Schoenherr to LSU
  • Will Simone move to Wisconsin
  • Tie Break procedure at 2005 Worlds
  • Six-Foot gymnast, Emma White at University of Illinois
  • Who was the first to call out abuse in a book or article?
  • Amenorrhea risk factor for uterine cancer
  • Deducting for runs and hurdles by E score
  • Eurovision favorites, Ted Lasso, new Zelda
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