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Behind The Scenes: World Team Trials Debrief

Welcome to Behind The Scenes!

We record right here on this page at noon Pacific. Our weekly Behind The Scenes Q&A live podcast is for Club Gym Nerd members. It’s our appreciation love letter to Club members for supporting our work. Here’s how to ask questions live.

We answer all your questions and discuss the latest news:

  • Stories from World Team Trials in Texas
  • Worlds to Brazil in 2025?
  • Understanding a credited ring leap (Thank you brevet judge, Flip Fly Tumble) and will we call it getting paid, credited or honored?
  • How to watch Worlds qualifying ? Hopefully here
  • Our schedule and plans for Antwerp Worlds and meet-up: RSVP here.
  • How to tell the difference between a split leap full and a switch full (AKA tour jete half) if you have never done one.
  • Answer all of your questions from GymCastic Tours to  tv shows SKAM vs. Sex Education, the China vaulting situation and the best color scheme for an Olympic venue.
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Kate Maben
Gym Nerd
10 months ago

Talking about Shilese trying to sell her hit as a brush – I pole vaulted through college, and there is actually a way to try to sell a miss as a make if it is windy outside. Sometimes, when there is a wind, an athlete will attempt to throw the pole back as they go over the bar, but the wind knocks it back and causes the bar to fall. Here comes the sales pitch: if there is any wind at all, a coach and teammates all yell “wind” very loudly so that the ref credits it as a make. It is especially fun if you are on a D3 team that cares a lot more about having fun than winning like I was, because even your teammates who aren’t pole vaulters and really have no idea what’s going on will linger around the vault mats just to yell wind obnoxiously to try to help you out. It is very fun and almost a sport within itself.

elizabeth Green
Gym Nerd
10 months ago

Jessica’s requirement of good salads for hosting worlds make me thinks she wants Greece to host Worlds.

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