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College & Cocktails: Cal at Utah

Welcome to College & Cocktails!

College & Cocktails combines our weekly Behind The Scenes Q&A live podcast with a college meet of the week. We start after the college meet ends on Friday nights (Pacific time). It’s our appreciation love letter to club members for supporting the show. Here’s how to ask questions live.

We are talking about all the Friday meets with special focus on Cal at Utah. We’re going live right here on this page around 7:00pm Pacific after the meet ends. For more info on how to watch your favorite elites, Olympic and World medalists all year long, check out The Balance Beam Situation’s schedule with links.

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Cocktail of the Week
Week 8: 
Just a Small Hop
Is that the only deduction that’s going to be taken? If you’ve had a couple of these, possibly!

1.5oz Gin
1oz Apricot Nectar
2-3 Fresh Basil Leaves
.5oz Honey Syrup
Soda Water

Non Alcoholic
3oz Apricot Nectar
1 oz Honey Syrup
2-3 Fresh Basil Leaves
Soda Water

Meet Week Prep: Honey Simple Syrup
Combine equal parts honey and boiling water. Stir to dissolve. Can be used immediately or made ahead and stored in an airtight container in the fridge

Make the Drink:
In a cocktail shaker muddle together basil leaves, honey syrup, and apricot nectar. Add in gin, shake with ice to chill. Double-strain over new ice in your glass of choice.

Stick the Landing:
Garnish with a piece of fresh basil


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Gymnastics Fan
Gym Nerd
1 year ago

Because I’ll forget by the time C&C starts and Spencer mentioned UM’s low vault score at The Big Five, Gabby Wilson almost sat her vault landing and Naomi Morrison did (missed a hand on the table).

Gym Nerd
1 year ago

has the show started?

Kris K
Gym Nerd
1 year ago

Just left the Alabama vs LSU meet. Crazy scoring. Both head coaches spoke with the head judge during the meet – the Bama coach complained to him on multiple occasions with a scoresheet in hand for bars and floor at the very least. But the oddest score was the 9.9 for Rybicki on beam for Bama with a 10.0/9.8 split with obvious deductions on the dismount. But Jessica you would have loved the front of the Bama student section as they read the newspaper while LSU as in beam.

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