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Olympic Watch at Disney?

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Spencer's Eye Roll
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My husband and I will be on vacation in Disney World starting wag team finals day. Any restaurant/bar suggestions on Disney property that will show the finals live?! 

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I dunno - but I watched the 1996 Summer Olympic games from Disney World. I remember watching Kerri Strug on TV with a giant tennis racket behind the window at the All-Star Sports Resort.

Jessica's Wheezegiggle
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I wouldn't be too optimistic for a major Disney/Olympic event.  Doesn't Disney still own ABC/ESPN = competitor of NBC sports?  

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There are a few options! Your best bets are Rix Sports Bar & Grill at Coronado Springs Resort or City Works Eatery at Disney Springs. I have gone to both during specific sporting events and have gotten them to change the channel of a TV near me if needed to the event I want to watch. If you want to be 100% sure you can get a table I would make a reservation, but City Works is almost always available. 

Also, AMC theaters has some sort of live Olympic programming happening... there is an AMC at Disney Springs so that is a potential option as well. 

Last, if you were planning a stop at Universal (or don't mind a 20 minute trip over there) they have a restaurant called NBC Sports Grill & Brew. Obviously given the name they do a LOT of Olympic coverage, and usually have things that are streaming on Peacock available on TVs if you ask. I usually don't need a reservation here, but again given the time of year, doesn't hurt to have one to ensure you can get a table. 

Have fun on your trip!!