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Maura Hulsey
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NCAA routine composition question? I know all routines don’t start out of at 10 unless they have certain elements and am I under the impression that the division 1 schools put out routines that all intend to start from a 10, with the exception of vault, and if you miss a connection or a skill your routine will be devalued. But as we listen to the commentators, particularly Bart and Cathy,  when there is a routine with extra difficulty they will comment  “she gets extra bonus for that”. When they say this what are they referring to? Aren’t all the gymnasts even the ones with the most basic routines doing bonus elements so that they start out of a 10? When listening it makes it sound like they will be starting out of a 10.2 or four or something greater than the rest of the gymnasts. Please explain what I’m missing? 

Deborah Brooks
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yea everyone has to do bonus to start out of a 10, I think they are just pointing out that that particular skill or combo is where they are getting their bonus points? but I agree it comes off sounding like its extra bonus