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Spencer\'s Eyeroll
Joined: 8 months ago
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Is anyone going to Championships next month? I know it's last minute but I'm thinking I might be able to swing going. I've never been, and I'd be going alone, so wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in a meet up? Thanks! 

Kelsey Kruzich
Kindergym Circle
Joined: 10 months ago
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I am hoping to be there (I'm local). I still need to ask off and buy tickets to the live show and championships. My aunt can't go anymore, so I'll also be solo at the moment. 

Nancy Swank
Kindergym Circle
Joined: 4 years ago
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Is Spencer going to Championships?  Will he be at the live show?  As a person who also prefers staying home and avoiding people most of the time, I am always impressed when he travels to events.  You are my people!