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The Flying Banana Jesus Cocktail

Spencer\'s Eyeroll
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Flying Banana Jesus Cocktail
This one will leave you feeling flying like Suni.

1 oz light rum
1 oz spiced rum
1 oz banana liqueur
.5 oz Creme de cassis
1 oz pineapple juice
.25oz grenadine

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice to chill. Double-strain over fresh ice in a fun glass. Garnish with a variety of fresh fruit, enough to match the unique look of this vault.


(If there's a reason to buy even a tiny bottle of banana liqueur, this one is it!)

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Kristin Arendt
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Just to out this idea out in the world, someone should design some highball and tom collins glasses with some gymnastics theming. I have oodles of tiki themed ones.... now I have a need. 

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Susan Ott
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This is hysterical.  Just the laugh I needed today,   Thank you


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