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Jessica and Spencer, thanks for the fun rundown of ways to qualify to NCAAs.  I had some laughs listening to the path to beam gold for Cynthia from BeamBurger University.  Jessica said Cynthia trained a triple headspin on beam but had to stop because she was getting a bald spot.  I thought that just like the wolf-turning gymnasts wear one rhythmic shoe, she should wear a beanie on top of her head to protect it, and promote the turning ability.  Of course it would probably have to be secured with a tie under her chin so it wouldn't fall off, but anything for the beauty of the sport, right?  Thanks for keeping me laughing!

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I desperately want the GymCastic store to offer fake college sweatshirts and ringer tees from these Universities!

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@starbelly That's a great idea!!! 🤔