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LSU Leotards

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I want to start this off because I think that some people may take what I am going to say the wrong way. I want to start by saying every body is beautiful, and if someone feels comfortable showing off their body, than they should do it. 


I have noticed that LSU wears their leotards very high on their hips, and in a majority of their training videos, they are pulled down so  the gymnast is just wearing a sports bra and the bottom of their leotard. First of all, this doesn't seem comfortable. Why do they do this? Also, do we think that the gymnasts are being sexualized? I don't know how to phrase this, but with the LSU team in general, it seems like many of the women on the team wear their leotards in a more risky way. 


Just wanted to put it out there because this has been  on my mind. Again, this is not a bad thing, but wondering if people have more information/thoughts. Lets encourage body positivity!

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Wdym they are pulled down? Do you mean briefs? If so, how would that not seem comfortable? Briefs are probably more comfortable than other options, and is probably just the most convenient choice for training/practices.

And no I don't think the gymnasts are being sexualized and there are rules specifically stating that you cannot wear your leotard above the hips, and neckline etc.
all these rules are designed to cover as much as possible without sacrificing performance
If they really did want to sexualize gymnasts, they wouldn't be allowed to wear anything, which is obviously not true

Even if they wear their leotards slightly higher on the hip, as long as it follows the rules, I don't get how that means they are being sexualized, if anything it just accentuates their leg muscles and makes them appear more muscular

if anyone thinks female gymnasts wearing their leotard higher on the hip is "sexual", then why don't they think male gymnasts competing in bare arms is "sexual" too? imo showing skin does not mean sexual unless private parts are revealed

the current attire/dress code definitely has room for improvement, (allowing men to wear just a singlet, and having women wear short sleeved leotards (I think its allowed but teams just choose not to))