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LSU Leotards

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I want to start this off because I think that some people may take what I am going to say the wrong way. I want to start by saying every body is beautiful, and if someone feels comfortable showing off their body, than they should do it. 


I have noticed that LSU wears their leotards very high on their hips, and in a majority of their training videos, they are pulled down so  the gymnast is just wearing a sports bra and the bottom of their leotard. First of all, this doesn't seem comfortable. Why do they do this? Also, do we think that the gymnasts are being sexualized? I don't know how to phrase this, but with the LSU team in general, it seems like many of the women on the team wear their leotards in a more risky way. 


Just wanted to put it out there because this has been  on my mind. Again, this is not a bad thing, but wondering if people have more information/thoughts. Lets encourage body positivity!