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Shot at Nationals Cocktail List

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I think the judges have been indulging in my gymnastics themed cocktail lists a little too liberally, so let's see if we can prove that theory: this time, it's all shots! I tried to keep them regionally appropriate, or at least represent the school colors as best as I could. Team based for now, and if I have time I'll try and put up some actual cocktails to honor the groups of amazing individual qualifiers by event by Wednesday.For all of these shooters, shake with ice to chill and strain into a rocks/shot glass. Each is designed to produce 2 small shots or one ambitious portion.
Mix 'em up, knock 'em back, and let's see how many 10's we can get!Good luck and godspeed!
Semi-Final One

Alabama.5oz Sloe Gin1oz Amaretto1oz Peach BourbonMinnesota1oz Vanilla Vodka1oz Pineapple Juice.5oz Grenadine*add the grenadine gently after you've chilled and poured your shot. Pretty layers of school colors!Oklahoma1oz Cranberry1oz Disarono1oz WhiskeyUtah1.5oz Vodka.5oz Lemon.5oz Raspberry LiqueurSemi-Final Two
Florida1oz Vodka1oz Orange Juice1oz Blue Curacao*add the curacao gently after you've chilled and poured your shot. Pretty layers of school colors!Auburn1oz Vanilla Vodka1oz Watermelon Pucker1oz Lime JuiceMissouri1oz Vodka1oz Peach Schnapps.5oz Triple SecMichigan1oz Gin1oz Blue Curacao1oz Lime Juice