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Tickets Sell Out

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Hey there,


I'm a baby gymnerd - new to the whole gymnastics thing. I'm from Ireland and only got into watching gymnastics (elite/NCAA) in past few years. I've recently moved over to Vancouver, BC and want to go to see an NCAA meet in 24 season - most likely to UW for convenience. I am thinking about going to the UW and Utah meet on Feb 10th as its the home meet that suits my schedule most. I recently found out that I might have a work trip that week but won't know for definite until 2-3 weeks before top. If I do have the work trip - I will probably miss the meet and do touristy things around LA that weekend while I'm there and go to a different meet if I can. I'm wondering is it a good idea to just buy a ticket for the UW and Utah meet now just in case it sells out or wait until I know about the work trip. Do tickets for NCAA meets usually sell out?

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Check for two things before deciding to purchase:

1. How cheap the tickets are (for Florida home meets upper level tickets are only $5-$10 I don’t know if UW is the same) 

2. If you can put tickets up for sale after you purchase

Since Utah is a topped rank team that meet has a big chance of selling out. (For example Florida vs LSU sold out in a couple of hours). But if tickets are not too expensive I would grab them and worse case scenario you don’t go but can sell them to get your money back. (I do this all the time with Florida meets since I live in the state)