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finding gymnast that are actually competing

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Im having a difficult time trying to figure out and find gymnast who are competing, that I can put on my team so that way I'm not counting an 0 for someone who isn't competing or isn't going too. Is there way to sort the list out to show gymnast who have competed from the main list? I'm trying to switch my team up to set for the week 4 I think, and I just can't figure anything out...I got frustrated the last couple weeks trying to figure this out and had to give up! LOL

Produnova's Eyebrow Admin
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While there are no guarantees because coaches can change the lineup even after the warm-ups, you might try looking at the scores on Road to Nationals and see who's consistently in the lineup. 

Spencer's Eye Roll
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Until Cal rests (hopefully and not an injury) Mya Lauzon and shes on 3 of your events... 😣 

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@stefanie-odenbrett I had to count three 0s this week🤡 not my best line up lmao