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Does anyone else think that Nastia is a little checked out of the commmentary on the broadcasts? I don’t think I have ever heard Tim have to try so hard to get her to talk.  “Right, Nastia?” and “What do you think, Nastia?” 

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I think she is fed up with all fluff, crap coverage and “script” they have to follow. Night 2 Senior Women’s coverage was a fucking joke! Started late, then moved to another channel, missed the start of Simone’s beam, did not show many routines, Tim copied verbatim what Nastia had said 10 minutes prior 😂, could not hear floor music, cut back to originally scheduled channel-NBC mid coverage with no warning.And lordy lordy the amount of commercials…

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I think I heard Tim right on night two on Jordan's vaults... I thought he said if she did a DTY she couldn't do a Tsuk Double full as her second vault because the "second part would be the same"... Is that true? I just thought the two vaults had to be of different entry families?... 

I also noticed Tim kept saying "right nastia" a lot... I haven't really enjoyed her commentary TBH. But I do think she's improved a little since the start. Not sure how much of it is NBC and how much of it is just that she might not be a great commentator... an Olympic gold doesn't make for a good commentator that's for sure. 

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