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Sorry Spencer, Elle...
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Sorry Spencer, Ellen Berger really was a German of the "evil commie" flavor

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Just a correction for Spencer, but Ellen Berger, FIG TC president and Bela Karolyi antagonist (or protagonist, can I route for her even if it meant the US lost a bronze medal?) of the 1980s was from the German Democratic Republic as Jessica originally said in this weeks episode not from the German Federal Republic as Spencer corrected her.  

Here is a fascinating translated article about her from Neue Zeit, which was a magazine of the official "opposition" party of the GDR--because you can't be a democratic republic if there isn't a theoretically non communist party who always votes with the state anyway.  Some of my favorite bits:

The Technical Committee is "the most important organ of the International Gymnastics Federation, with its decisions on the furthering the path of women’s gymnastics in the world, guides its development in the right direction and shields this aesthetic type of sport against harmful influences and excesses."

"In domestic competition, she usually makes herself indispensable as the main judge or competition director. With her vitality, calmness and prudence, which are generally valued, she masters everything. In doing so, she knows herself to be one with her understanding spouse."

A perfect German stereotype to be cast as a villain against freedom fighter Bela Karolyi

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