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Summer of Gold Podcast Episode 7 - The Vault

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"Summer of Gold tells the story of the 1996 Olympic Games through the lens of the women Olympians who dominated that summer. From the “Magnificent Seven" gymnasts to the USA women’s basketball, soccer, and softball teams all winning gold (and becoming cultural phenomena), to the founding of the WNBA, 1996 altered the course of history for American sports generally and women athletes in particular. In celebration of the 25th anniversary, Summer of Gold provides an unrivaled perspective on one of the most important moments in American sports and cultural history. Hosted by Michelle Kwan."
It's a good listen. It's a focus around the experience of the before and after of the vault and the olympics in general. There are a few stories I'd never heard before.
I will say Moceanu's account of Bela coming into her room the night of the opening ceremony to make sure she was sleeping just feels so much like something out of a horror movie. There is a good roasting of NBC for framing the narrative of the Strug vault.
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Omg this sounds so good! Did you listen to any of the other episodes?