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Elites and the NCAA


Elites in NCAA

We wanted to know how many elites move into the NCAA and how many still compete internationally. Princess of Sexy Data, Taylor Anderson extracted the rosters of NCAA teams (as published on college websites in November, 2015) and extracted the data thusly:

  • The first tab shows Division I WAG teams: percentage of elites on the team, which athletes competed elite (US junior or senior or foreign gymnasts in international competition) and for what country.
  • The second tab lists current, future, or past NCAA competitors at the 2015 WAG World Championships in Glasgow. Highlighted in yellow are the individuals who competed this year.
  • The third tab shows MAG data, percentage of elites on each team, who competed at Worlds in 2015 and for which country.

Here’s what we found out:

  1. Of the 1017 NCAA WAG gymnasts, 208 were elites. That is 20.452% of all female Division I gymnasts.
  2. For WAG at Worlds, there were 3 gymnasts who are actively competing NCAA and Elite.
  3. Of 318 MAG NCAA gymnasts, 108 were elites; that is 33.96% of all male college gymnasts. 8 competed at Worlds.

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