133: Interview – Katelyn Ohashi Commits to UCLA

Jan 20, 2015 | GymCastic, Interviews, Podcast


Laurent landi kicking Katelyn Ohashi in the butt

Clearly, Katleyn Ohashi and coach Laurent Landi (WOGA) have a very healthy athlete-coach relationship. Thanks for capturing this adorable moment Christy Linder!


This Week's Interview

She is the gymnastics equivalent of panda cubs playing in snow for the first time, combined with the feeling you got when Nastia did a pirouette on bars; the perfect gymnastics happiness pill. The 2013 American Cup all-around champion, Katelyn Ohashi, has committed to UCLA and we have the exclusive interview just hours after she announced her decision to her future teammates. We discuss:

  • The candlelit moment when she told the team
  • Why she chose UCLA and when she will start
  • The status of her return to bars and what skills she’s working on
  • Surprising her coach by busting out crazy dismounts
  • The look on her face after her second pass on floor at Texas Prime last weekend
  • What she thinks of the Tumblr posts you make about her
  • Switching from coach Valeri Luikin to Laurent Landi
  • If she knows that the gymternet is obsessed with Laurent

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Watch all of Ohashi’s routines from this Texas Prime here.

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The little school kids are back in the stands but so quiet today! Everyone was instructed not to yell but they are enthusiastically clapping along to rotation song. They expert the arena to be sold out for finals.