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Episode 4: Louis Smith, Spanny’s Athlete Oath, Making Men’s Gymnastics More Popular

Interview with Great Britain’s Louis Smith about Strictly Come Dancing, pressure, role models, his famous pommel horse photo shoot, style and Rio. Spanny Tampson writes and new and improved version of the FIG’s Athlete Oath. We discuss how to make men’s gymnastics more popular.

Here is Spanny’s new and improved version of the FIG Athlete Oath. Please administer to your gymnasts or take it yourself and show us the video!

“I declare on my honor that, as a gymnast, I will make an attempt to do pretty gymnastics.  I will not bust my wrist nor shelf my butt in an attempt to portray artistry.  I will flash neither my heiny nor hipbone, for I understand that doing so will not actually give me longer lines.  I will perform skills to the best of my ability, and understand that chucking horrific but highly valued elements is a recipe for death.  With consideration to the fans and myself, I will try not to die while performing my skills.  I hereby swear to uphold the tenents of grace and dignity of gymnastics, and not cause fans to run to Youtube to recall a better time.  In the name of gymnastics and Nadia, amen.”



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