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How to Get Your Favorite Gymnast to the 2016 Rio Olympics [A Flowchart]

If Simone wins the all-around in Glasgow, does she automatically qualify for Rio?

How can Manrique Larduet qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro? What about NCAA favorites Danusia Francis and Toni-Ann Williams, who are competing for Jamaica?

Unfortunately, you need a Ph.D. in FIGese to interpret the federation’s qualifications rules. To make things simpler for you, we decided to create a flowchart. Follow the lines and figure out how your favorite gymnasts will punch their tickets to Rio.

If the flowchart is too small on your screen, click here to enlarge it.

Sadly, even if Simone wins the all-around in Glasgow, she is not guaranteed a spot at the Rio Olympics. Gymnasts’ all-around placements in Glasgow do not guarantee them spots in the 2016 Olympics.

And for gymnasts like Danusia Francis or Manrique Larduet to qualify directly to the 2016 Olympics, they must medal on an apparatus.

Fair or not fair? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

P.S. Special thanks to @CordeliaGymFan and @CattyComments for fact checking the flowchart!


  1. One minor correction in the second portion of the flow chart: the top box says “Did your gymnast compete as an individual in Rio…” and I think you mean “in the Test Event.” Regardless, this is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for putting it together! Gymcastic is the best 🙂

    I do think this process is fair. It gives gymnasts two chances to qualify (disregarding the countries who qualify teams, as those countries get to choose who becomes a part of their teams) and that is absolutely fair! I’d argue that the two-per-country rule is more unfair, but I’m not going to go into that here as it’s unrelated 🙂

  2. This is different to how explained it. The difference being that the whilst the glasgow AA to test event spots are nominative, the individual spots from the test event to the olympics are not nominative. I had a read myself before seeing either post and came to the same result as

    • Hi Anne – Thanks for your comment! To clarify, the team spots go to the country at the Rio Test Event. The all-around spots go to the gymnast at the Rio Test Event. That’s why the right-hand side of the chart reads, “Yes! These spots actually go to the athlete!”

      • This is only true for gymnasts whose country didn\’t have a full team in Glasgow.

        The all-around spots for team 5-8 at the Test Event go to the NOC.

        And teams 17-24 in Glasgow can choose between their two athletes competing at the Test Event provided that both of them place higher than the first non-qualified NOC.

        • To be more precise (sorry to mess with your impressive chart!) 🙂

          “The quota place will be allocated to the athlete by name, except in the below case:

          – If the individual gymnast qualifies through an NOC ranked 5th to 8th as per the Team ranking of CI from the 2016 Olympic Games Test Event, the quota place will be allocated to the NOC.

          If the individual gymnast comes from an NOC ranked 17th to 24th as per the Team ranking of CI from the 2015 World Championships, the NOC will be entitled to decide which among its two (2) best ranked gymnasts will get the quota place, provided that the results of the second best ranked gymnast are higher than the ones of the first reserve gymnast.”

      • Yikes this is complicated, I’m usually pretty good at working these things out correctly. I’ve reread’s article, I’ve reread the link you gave to the FIG site and I’m pretty confident that the error may be Lauren’s – in the section on non-nominative vs nominative she has it that an american competing for belarus could compete at the test event, thus giving belarus a spot at the olympics, whereas (without specifically mentioning that situation) working through your flow chart I have the same possible end result but that a native belarussian gymnast would need to be chosen to go to the test event and qualify there. Thanks for all your hard work with the site an podcast.

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