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Manifesto For Change

In episode 281.5 Jessica presented the  O’BEIRNE MANIFESTO FOR CHANGE. Six areas in which USA Gymnastics must improve immediately, otherwise nothing will ever get better and they will never gain back the trust of the members. We’ll cross off things that have been accomplished.

  1. Transparency: Daniels Report compliance list link on the USAG homepage.
  2. Gymnast Union: Athletes and parents need to start a union to eliminate the conflicts of interest inherently built into any National Governing Body system and to end the fear of retaliation.
  3. Consequences: Debbie Van Horn, Paul Parilla and the rest of the board need to go, immediately.
  4. Comprehensive Training: Every employee from president, Kerry Perry to the receptionist and all board members of USAG need in-person, day-long abuse prevention training on an annual basis. 
  5. Limit Alcohol: One drink when coaching duties are over with a meal, per day. Period.
  6. No Gray Areas: All national team staff, parents, athletes and coaches need to be educated and empowered to enforce SafeSport rules. And to call eachother out for violations.

Changes We Know Of So Far:

  • Sexual Abuse complaints now go straight to USOC’s SafeSport
  • A suspension was made public via journalism, not USAG, for the first time ever (that we know of) : John Geddert
  • Women’s artistic team required to bring parent/guardian with them to meets if parent/guardian cannot attend, USAG will provide a SafeSport certified chaperone.


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