Olympic/World Championship Team Members Competing in College Gymnastics in 2017

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Articles, Sexy Data

How amazing is NCAA gymnastics? It’s a who’s who of Olympic and World medalists, elites and competitors from around the world! Cordelia Price put together the statistics for us. There are 36 World/Olympic team members in college this year. A total of 27 former US National Team members (AKA bad ass American elites) competing on 9 teams. Alabama has the most former national team members with 6 this year.

Note: If an alternate traveled, received credentials, and received team medals, the alternate was included as part of the team. Those listed as alternates were either non-traveling alternates (World Championships) or traveling or non-traveling alternates who did not receive credentials (Olympics).

Olympic/World Championship Team Members Competing in College Gymnastics in 2017

US Junior and Senior National Team Members  Competing in NCAA in 2017

elites doing college gymnastics 2017

2017 NCAA Gymnasts who were on the US Jr and/or Sr National Teams


  1. Q

    Reviewing that list you would think top 2 schools should be UCLA and Alabama. Just goes to show you when execution is everything it levels the playing field for those really great gymnasts who weren\’t ever going to learn enough high level floor or DY to crack into the elite world. Must be gratifying for them when they outscore an Olympian.

    • Tonto17

      I don\’t think a person can pat themselves on the back for beating an Olympian when it\’s not the Olympics and it\’s not Olympic rules.

  2. kelly

    how many of these are senior sudent athletes this years academic year 2017-18

  3. Pete

    You forgot Sydney Soloski, Canadian national member for Utah this year.

    • Cordelia

      What World Championship or Olympic team was Sydney Soloski on? These lists are limited to either Olympic or World Championship team members (and alternates whose names were actually published by the federation when the team was named) and US gymnasts who used to be on the US junior or senior national team at some time in their careers. If the name is not there I could not find that it was published by the federation.

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