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Senior Men Live Blog

Kensley is here live blogging the Senior men. Most recent updates will appear at the top.

Day 1:

  1. Mikulak – 85.15
  2.  Modi – 84.1
  3. Bower – 83.85
  4. Bailey – 83.5
  5. Yoder – 83.4
  6. Molauer – 82.7
  7. Neff – 82.05
  8. Bock – 82

Sam said he has a back injury and that is the reason he fell…

Bower said he wanted to hit 6/6. He says that he wants to go for consistency.

Moldauer (HB) Yami, stalder, tak 1/1 almost off, tak 1/2, kovaks, 1 arm, rybalko, triple double dismount with a big step. He looks either really tired or in a lot of pain.

Bower (HB) 1 arm giant, tak 1/1, 1/2, kovacs (super close) has to kip out of it which is a deduction, endo, STICKS full in. I don’t know how he saved that routine. 12.95

Mikulak (PH) Almost slipped off the horse in the most comical way, flairs, comes off nooooo, tong fei, tripple russian, Great dismount. 13.65

Modi (SR) L Sit, Iron cross, big step back on the dismount. Ahahahha – He’s talking about taco bell to the camera,

After 5:

  1. Mikulak – 71.5
  2. Bower – 70.9
  3. Modi – 70.6
  4. Moldauer – 70.05
  5. Bailey – 69.7
  6. Yoder – 69.4

Moldauer (PB) back toss, peach, peach 1/2, Diam, Full spin to suarez, Dalton, double front to land. He is grabbing his back.

Modi (PH) Works quickly – oops, leg separation, but stays on, dismount was rushed and he was tilted on the dismount. 14.1

Bower (PB) peach with bent knees, nice healy, 1/2, Diam, back toss, Stutz, suarez, STUCK double pike! 13.9

Melton (VT) Handspring double front with a deep landing. He looks hurt.

Mikulak (FX) back 5/2 to double front – don’t know how he stuck that, stuck the next pass! flairs, back 3/2 to front full, stuck double full, triple twist with a small hop on the landing! He’s waving at the crowd because they weren’t applauding. 14.75

Wiskus (HB) Yami, 1/1, kolman, … small hop on the landing

Bailey (FX) double front, my screen keeps freezing on the twisting so I can’t count them. Finishes with arabian double front with a small hop. 14.1

After 4

  1. Bower – 57.
  2. Mikulak – 56.75
  3. Modi-56.5
  4. Moldauer 56.25
  5. Bailey – 55.6
  6. Yoder – 55.5

Van Wicklen (HB) yami, stalder rybalko, lay to straddle 1/2 tkatchev, 1 arm giant, tak 1/2, lay 1/2 tkatchev, tkatchev, endo, STICKS full twisting layout dismount. 13.95

Mikulak (HB) Off on his cassina, Did the cassina again and caught it, Kolman, layout to straddle Tkatchev, tkatchev 1/2, STICKS the dismount. WHY SAM? 13.7

Moldauer (VT) BEAUTIFUL Kas 1.5 with a small hop. 14.7

Melton (SR) really struggles on the dismount. Deep squat. 14.2

Modi (FX) front double pike, twisting nicely, front 1.5 to 1.5, front handspring to Rudi, back 5/2, small hop on the triple.14.35

Bower (VT) Stuck Kas 1.5 – He is having a STELLAR meet. 14.35

Justus (VT) Great Kas 1.5

Bock (PB) Healy, peach, giant, suarez, Stutz, back toss, bhavsar, Tippelt, STUCK double pike.

After 3:

  1. Mikulak – 43.05
  2. Bower – 42.65
  3. Modi – 42.15
  4. Yoder – 41.85
  5. Bailey – 41.8
  6. Moldauer – 41.55

Mikulak (PB) Healy, peach 1/2, (not to handstand ) peach, suarez to back toss, bhavsar, Tippelt, stutz (almost over and walks on hands), STUCK the double front half out. 14.3

Whittenburg(PB) has to power through, healy, peach, peach 1/2, Belle to back toss with messy legs, Suarez, giant to suarez, walking all over pbars, double front half out. He is holding his shoulder. He looks like he is in MAJOR pain.

Bower (SR) kip to maltese (high and short), iron cross (low), He is high on the maltese again, joh, to yami, to straddle planche, good handstand, small hop on the full in but he is a bit piked in the hips. 13.7

Neff (HB) Really nice set – a little short on handstands. Small hop on the dismount. 13.7

Oyama (PB) Missed everything but the dismount which he flung out. 13.7

Yoder (PH) scissors, kerr, also kerr this time backwards, russian on one pommel, really lovely up into the dismount. 15.15

Moldauer (SR) Really beautiful positions, azarian cross, yami to john, up to straddle planche, almost sticks double double. 14.4

Rotation 3

After 2:

  1. Allan Bower
  2. Sam Mikulak
  3. Akash Modi
  4. Anton Stephenson
  5. Kanji Oyama

Bower (PH) Mikulak, flip scissor, russian on one pommel, tong fei, wu, nice into the handstand! YAY Allan! 14.8

Neff (PB) peach, Healy, Diam, Stutz, peach toss to l sit, double pike with a small hop.

Howard (FX) Huge skills but hops all over the place

Moldauer (PH) Looks a little tired. Came off on the horse with a nice dismount. 12.9

Van Wicklen with the upgrade on vault – Dragelescu with a small hop and low chest. 14.2

Mikulak (VT) Kas 1.5 – bends leg off the top of the table. Lands well with a small hop 14.4

Rotation 2

After 1:

  1. Anton Stephenson
  2. Sam Mikulak and Ellis Mann
  3. No one 🙂
  4. Akash Modi
  5. Yul Moldauer

Stephenson (VT) Yurchenko 2.5 STUCK cold! This kid can stick every vault he does! 9.6 execution 14.8.

Wiscus (PH) Really struggling through and now he’s off,

Bailey (SR) maltese (high), maltese again (high) wobbly on planche, good cross, struggling in the handstand, stuck double double with low chest.

Bock (PH) Mikulak, Traveling, Kerr, Really nice shape, magyar, sivado, struggles through the dismount,

Moldauer (FX) A little hoppy to start. front full to front 2.5, back 2.5 to front double, double arabian half out, flairs, Rudi, double full stuck, triple twist to finish with a hop. Usually he sticks everything. He upgraded two passes so maybe he is having some problems sticking. 14.25

Yoder (HB) small hop on the dismount

Mikulak (SR) Nice maltese, bounce to cross, kip up to good planche, yami to honma, to cross (little low) , He looks very solid, joh, Double Double tucked with a small hop back. 14.35

Melton (HB) swings his dismount out a bit and has to take a big hop forward. 13.0

Tim is saying that Modi has looked very good all week.

Modi (VT) Kas 1.5 with a small hop forward. 14.3

Moore (PH) Stretches pretty well and falls out of his handstand a little bit.

Whittenburg said himself he’s not prepared to make the worlds team.

7:34 pm: Whittenburg (SR) kip to maltese, azarian L maltese (high) planche, kip to handstand, joh to maltese, struggling on handstands. Double Double layout with a small hop. 14.15

Whittenburg is only doing Rings and Parallel Bars. According to Tim, he only did hi first full routine last week.Oklahoma is Starting on Floor, USOTC is starting on Rings

Article by: Kensley Behel

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