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  • Oklahoma: Big 12 Champions
  • LSU: SEC Champions
  • Utah: Pac-12 Champions
  • Michigan State: Big 10 Champions
  • NC State: ACC Champions
  • Souther Utah: MPSF Champions
  • Western Michigan: MAC Champions
  • Lindenwood: MIC Champions
  • Towson: EAGL Champions
  • Boise State: Mountain West Champions
  • U of Penn: GEC Champions

The 5th Rotation: March 25, 2024

What We’re Talking About

It’s plant a fern on the podium season. If there was any doubt about Oklahoma’s dominance on the season, they just added an exclamation point to their historic run. This past weekend they posted the highest score in NCAA history! This comes on the heels of the third highest score in history last week and finishing the season with the highest NQS in NCAA history. On Saturday we were on 199 watch for the team and 40 watch for Jordan Bowers. Jordan ended the day with a 39.925, the 4th highest all-around score in history–tying a mark by fellow Sooner Maggie Nichols and Haleigh Bryant from earlier this season.

When considering how good and how consistent Oklahoma has been, it’s been over 10 years since Oklahoma has lost at home. This post-season they’re looking to etch their name in the rarified air of three-peat champions, which has only been achieved by three teams: Utah (’82-’86); Georgia (’05-’09); and Florida (’13-’15—they were co-champions with Oklahoma in 2014). That’s it. That’s the list. This year’s Sooner team enters the post-season tournament undefeated… a pristine record that neither of their last two championship squads took in to the post-season—in 2023 they lost to Michigan during the regular season, and in 2022 they had two blemishes courtesy of Florida and Utah. It’ll be exciting to watch this historic run wrap up in the coming weeks.

Speaking of historic… Michigan State just won the Big 10 Championship for the first time in program history. Their reward? Getting reseeded (moved down) and placed in the Gainesville Regional with Florida, Utah and Missouri (among others).


  • A bloody nose won’t stop Chloe Widner’s beam
  • Katelyn Rosen bowled a strike and hit one out of the park
  • More people should also be talking about her performance quality
  • We will never stop appreciating Haleigh Bryant’s vault
  • Goodbye Pac-12
  • Mya Hooten is pretty darn good
  • We’re loving Jordan Chiles‘ latest gig: supporting women for Angel City FC
  • If you’re a billion dollar organization and do a Regional selection show, don’t misspell the name of eight gymnasts
  • There’s a legitimate chance that the record for most perfect 10s in a season will fall
  • Thank you Kathy Johnson



What’s On the Socials?



“Little me would do beam with Grace at elite meets. Little me would watch Jade Carey at the level 10… That was a full-circle moment. Because I idolized these girls and I did just as good as them…” ~ Selena Harris, Pac-12 Champion

Selena Harris discussing her all-around victory over Olympians and Pac-12 competitors Grace McCallum and Jade Carey.

“It hasn’t set in yet.”
~ Mike Rowe, Big 10 Champion

In a post-championship interview, the Michigan State coach was struggling to find the words for the school’s first Big 10 title.

“What she’s built that I personally have so much respect for is in any sport, it’s fun when you win once. …  But her consistency and level of excellence with the athletes and the gymnastics that they do. … Truly, there’s nobody in the country that does it better than her.”
~ Valorie Kondos Field, Coach of the Previously Highest Scoring Team

The legendary former UCLA coach spoke about KJ Kindler and the incredible success of her Oklahoma program.


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This column was composed and compiled by Steve Cooper, Editor, GymCastic; as performed by hosts Jessica O’Beirne and Spencer Barnes.

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<ul> <li>Oklahoma: Big 12 Champions</li> <li>LSU: SEC Champions</li> <li>Utah: Pac-12 Champions</li> <li>Michigan State: Big 10 Champions</li> <li>NC State: ACC Champions</li> <li>Souther Utah: MPSF Champions</li> <li>Western Michigan: MAC Champions</li> <li>Lindenwood: MIC Champions</li> <li>Towson: EAGL Champions</li> <li>Boise State: Mountain West Champions</li> <li>U of Penn: GEC Champions</li> </ul> <div align="center"><a href=""> <img src=""></a> </div>The 5th Rotation: March 25, 2024
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