Videos: Katelyn Ohashi is back!

by | Jan 17, 2015 | Articles

katelyn ohashi gymnastics

Katelyn Ohashi. Art compliments of My Crazy World of Graphics.

The 2013 American Cup Champion is back! After two years off battling injuries, gymternet favorite, Katelyn Ohashi (and her gorgeous WOGA form) is back as a level 10, competing at Kim Zmeskal’s Texas Prime meet. Thank you to  Christy Linder Photography for the videos!

Listen to our interview with Miss Ohashi here.
Open Warmup


Beam Warmup


Vault Warmup

Vault 1 Multi-Angle

Vault 2


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The little school kids are back in the stands but so quiet today! Everyone was instructed not to yell but they are enthusiastically clapping along to rotation song. They expert the arena to be sold out for finals.