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The men will start on vault today as that is their draw for Doha this year.

AA from today:

Sam, Yul, Alec, Akash, Collin, Allan, Trevor, Marvin (Note: Allan, Trevor, and Marvin did not compete the AA)

  1. 1.Sam: 87.75
  2. Yul: 86.1
  3. Alec: 83.5
  4. Akash: 82.05
  5. Colin: 80.75
  6. Allan: 68.65 (No HB)
  7. Trevor: 67.25 ( No PH)
  8. Marvin: 40.05 (No FX, VT, or PB)


Akash: azarian to l cross to maltese, kip to yami to joh to iron cross. Up to L sit straddle to handstand, giant (super solid) double double with a small hop to finish. 13.3

Allan: maltese, rotation through to iron, yami to joh to straddle planche, front giant to handstand (well held) pikey in the layout full, but he sticks it. 13.0

Marvin: azarian cross up to maltese, up to planche/maltese – not really sure, yami to joh to iron, super arched planche, backrise up to handstand. Layed out 1/1 with a step to finish. 5.9 13.6

Trevor: beautiful maltese, back uprise to maltese, bounce cross, yami to joh, to iron, up to handstand. Almost stuck double double to finish. 14.55

Alec: He is having to wait a looonnnggg time. up to planche, lower to malese (super high) up to maltese, also high, joh to yami to straddle sit, to to straddle planche (not held long enough). Double double to finish. Low chest and a step on the landing. 13.5

Colin: azarian cross, pike front to iron, up to straddle planche (not sure he held that long enough) front giant to handstand, john to yam to straddle sit, push to handstand (small bend) double tuck with 1.5 twists to finish. Super long wait for Colin’s score. 13.65

Sam: up to maltese, bouch iron cross (he is shaking) kip to planche (well held) kip to yami to jon to iron, joh, double double with a small hop. 14.15

Yul: kip to maltese (high) kip to maltese, azarian iron cross, yami to joh, to iron cross, up to straddle planche, giant (little swing) double double with a small hop. 14.25

Rotation 6: Still Rings

Colin: Flop, russian on one pommel, sivado, big push into the dismount.

Sam: Mikulak, up to handstand travel, spindle flair, roth, tripple russian, magyar, sivado, up to handstand. 6.1/8.8 14.9

Yul: flop, flop, flair spindle, flair magyar, flair sivado, 1 russian on pommel, nice into the dismount. 5.6/9 14.6

Akash: Scissor to handstand, spindle (c) spindle (d), wu, roth fell off on handstand. Will do it again. D handstand. 6.1/6.7 12.8

Rotation 5: Pommel Horse

Trevor: Rudi, double tuck with 1/5 twists, missed third pass, nice handstand, front 2/1 to front 1/1, back 2/1 stuck, double arabian to finish with a hop forward. 5.4/8.25 13.65

Alec: Double double with a hop back, back 3/2 to front 2/1, back 5/2 to 1/2, back 3/2 to front tucked 1/1, back 2/1, triple full to finish with a small hop back. 5.5/8.25 13.75

Colin: Double front piked half out, back 5/2 front 1/2 gainered back 5/2 to front full, back double twist with hop. Really landings are all over the place, Can’t see fifth pass, Double arabian to finish – small hop.  5.3/8.1 (-.3) = 13.1

Sam: Back 5/2 to front double front (almost sat it down but stuck it) , back 3/2 to front 1/1, flairs, Again people standing in front of me, back double twist stuck, Triple full to finish. Feet almost on top of each other to finish. Stuck. 5.7/8.8 14.5

Yul: Randi, double arabian 1/2 stuck, back 3/2 to front 1/1, nice flair sequence (D to C ), back 5/2 to 1/2, back double full stuck, Triple full to finish. Really low chest. 5.8/8.8 14.6

Akash: Front double pike, back 1.5 to front 1/1, sorry I’m at a terrible angle for floor! Going to try and move, D press up to handstand, Randi small hop, back 2/1, Triple full to finish with a small hop. 6.0/8.4 14.4

Allan Bower: Double pick front double double stuck, twisting that I missed, back 2/1, russians, wide arm press with good control, back 3/2 to front 1/1, back 5/2 stuck. 5.6/8.65 14.25

Rotation 4 – Floor

Trevor Howard: lay tkatchev 1/2, 1/2, lay tkatchev caught 1 arm pushed out like Epke save, straddle tkatchev 1/2, weiler, weiler 1/2, stuck full twisting double lay finish. 12.3

Alec Yoder: Yami, Kolman, Kovacs, stalder, rybalko, endo 1/1, endo, tak 1/2, 1 arm, double twisting double lay stuck. 13.3

Colin Van Wicklen: Yami, 1/2, lay tkatchev, straddle 1/2, 1 arm, tak 1/2, lay tkatchev 1/2, bent elbows and has to press up significantly, straddle tkatchev, stalder, very strange wind up for the dismount. 5.1/7.8 12.9

Sam Mikulak: 1/2, Kassina (by fingertips) off on Kolman. Stays down on the mat a bit.  Does the skill again catches! lay to straddle tkatchev, staddle 1/2, tkatchev, 1 arm, tak 1/2, (right on top, hop 1/2, stalder, stuck double twisting double lay. 6.1/8.15 14.25

Yul Moldauer: Missed the first skill 1 arm tak 1/2, Kovacs 1  arm, hop full, rybalko, 1/2, giant 1/2, flaired out full twisting double lay! 5.0/8.4

Akash Modi: tak 1/1 (way over), Straddle to lay to straddle 1/2 tkatchev (big push out of this skill), lay tkatchev 1/2, tak, endo, endo 1/2, stuck the double twisting double layout.

Marvin Kimble: 1/2, Liukin, lay tkatchev to lay 1/2, (big push,) tak 1/2, (super late), tak 1/2, straddle tkatchev, straddle tkatchev 1/2, endo, stuck full twisting layout.

Rotation 3: High Bar

Alec Yoder: Beautiful peach (great form) Diam, Diam 1/2, has to muscle up a bit, HUGE back toss, Stutz, GORGEOUS double pike! Huge height and opens up to stick the landing. Took forever to get his score. 5.0/9.2

Colin VanWicklen: Peach 1/2, big struggle, back toss, giant to suarez, peach basket, really tired going into the double front. Big step forward. 5.4/7.75 13.15

Sam Mikulak: Healy, Peach 1/2, Peach, Harada to Back toss, Bhavsar, 1/2, Tippelt, Stutz, WOW! double front 1/2 STUCK! His transitions are so smooth on this event. 6.4/8.95 15.35

Yul Moldaur: Back toss, Peach, Peach 1/2, Diam, Giant Diam , Suarez, Suarez from support (slammed his arms). Double front 1/2 out stuck to finish. 14.55 5.9/8.65

Akash Modi: Peach ( a little short), peach 1/2, uprise 1/2, Bhavsar, giant 1/2, Tippelt, Healy,  to 1/2, Diam, Stutz, Stuck full-in! 14.4

Allan Bower:  Really nice rhythm, Peach, Giant to suarez, Healy, 1/2, Diam, Back toss, Stutz, Suarez from upper support, Stuck double pike! 13.35 5.6/7.75

Trevor Howard: Healy, Peach, nice movement, Suarez, Diam (little wobble, giant, Giant swing to Suarez. Double front to finish. Stumbles out to his bottom. 5.4/7.3

Rotation 2: Parallel Bars

Colin Van Wicklen: Dragulescu! Really nice height. Twists late and creates a low landing. 15.0

Van Wicklen – Vault 2: Kas 1.5. He got the most height of anyone! Small hop on the landing.

Sam Mikulak! Great vault! Small leg separation! Beautiful in the air! Small hop on the landing. 14.6

Yul Moldauer: Beautiful form on the Kas 1.5. Legs glued together and toes pointed. Small hop on the landing. 14.7

Akash Modi: Kas 1.5 – was a little worried because his steps looked slightly off. Good distance, but hopped out of bounds. 14.4

Allan Bower: Kas 1.5. Little bent knees in the air and a hop out of bounds. 14.35

Trevor Howard: Kas 1.5. Nice form in the air, but had a large step out of bound to the right.14.05

Trevor Howard – Vault 2: Beautiful Handspring double front. Great height and a small hop on the landing.

Alec Yoder: Tsuk Double stuck cold! Really amazing! 14.15

Rotation 1: Vault

Article by: Kensley Behel

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