76: Valentine’s Day with Svetlana Boginskaya

Feb 12, 2014 | GymCastic, Interviews, Podcast

 Svetlana Boginskaya interview

Svetlana Boginskaya and William Yee tell their love story! Photo from Svetlana Boginskaya on Instagram. Click the photo to link.


In the News

This week Jessica and Evan (Uncle Tim has laryngitis!) chat about:

  • Coverage of the Winter Olympics so far (hint, O’Beirne is furious).
  • Should NCAA judges be paid equally no matter where the meet is held?
  • CNBC’s Soviet-born reporter translated the shocking things Russia’s “Rossiya-2 Sport” channel is saying about gymnasts and their bodies.
  • The Gabby Douglas movie – an O’Beirne review.
  • The latest 10s in NCAA, who was robbed of a 10 and the polar vortex takes it’s first gymnastics victim.
  • Leotards that made us want to light a bonfire and dance around it until Project Runway rescues us.
  • A listeners’ Valentine’s day letter of gratitude to her coaches.
  • And then! The little sound bite Jessica has been saving forever! Svetlana Boginskaya and her husband tell us both sides of their love story.

Guest Links

Follow Svetlana on Instagram at Svetlanaboguinskaia, check out the schedule for her camp here and email her for choreography or speaking engagements at info@ogccamp.com. If you are ever in the Houston area, make sure to visit the Boginskaya-Yee family restaurant, Mazzei’s Gourmet Pizzeria in Katy, Texas.

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