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74: Melanie Sinclair & A Review of Cirque’s Amaluna

Melanie Sinclair Florida gymnast interview
An update on Melanie Sinclair (front) the NCAA star, who’s kicking ass as an Amazon in Cirque du Soliel’s Amaluna.


This Week's Interview

First! We present our scientific review of Amaluna. Then our guest, the vivacious and effervescent, Melanie Sinclair. Before becoming an acrobat in Cirque du Soliel’s goddess powered Amaluna, she was a US National Team member during the Nastia, Sacramone, Memmel years.  Always a fan favorite for her sideline antics (see gif and videos below) and emotional filled routines, she finally gained the attention she deserved at the University of Florida. She was a leader on the team, putting Florida on the map. She was fun to watch no matter what she was doing – competing or dancing with herself during warmups. She exemplifies all of the reasons gymnastics fans adore NCAA gymnastics. We discuss:

  • The old school uneven bars act she performs in Amaluna
  • Growing up at Orlando Metro under the tutelage of Jeff Wood and Christi Barineau
  • The true friendship of her teammate, Amanda Castillo.
  • How she became so consistent in college when it was so illusive in elite.
  • The power of fun and being oneself in gymnastics.
  • How she recovered when her gymnastics career was cut short and what advice she’d give to gymnasts in similar situations.
  • How Cirque helps her treat her body like a temple and stay healthy even after a lifetime of gymnastics.
  • The rhythms and cycles of a predominantly female cast.

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Melanie Sinclair interview update

Her career wasn’t complete without Amanda Castillo.



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Rachel barton
Rachel barton
10 years ago

Thanks for this interview – I am going to see cirque this weekend in London and I am now even more excited !

Rachel barton
Rachel barton
10 years ago
Reply to  GymCasticCrew

I saw Quidam, it was just great. It was a good show for a first experience of cirque and I have now realised cirque comes to London every January so I know what I want for Christmas already! Would totally love to talk about it on the podcast….

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