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69: 2009 World Champion Kayla Williams & Alabama’s Sarah Patterson

Kayla Williams Sarah Patterson interview

2009 Vault World Champion, Kayla Williams and Alabama’s six-time NCAA Championship winning coach, Sarah Patterson.


This Week's Interview

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We chat with the pride of West Virginia, 2009 World Vault Champion and member of the 2012 Alabama NCAA Championship team, Kayla Williams. We discuss:

  • The unusual origins of her triple full side-pass
  • Her climb from the JO ranks to World Champion in just months
  • Why she chose to move to Mary Lee Tracy’s gym.
  • “Chuck and go” elite-gymnastics versus college requirements
  • Her plans for the future

Next we chat with Kayla’s coach, arch-enemy of Georgia’s Suzanne Youclan, wearer of sequin gowns, University of Alabama’s six-time NCAA Championship winning coach Sarah Patterson. We discuss:

  • Handling fear in adult athletes
  • Her opinion on early recruiting
  • Injuries the elite code could cause for NCAA athletes now
  • Routine strategy: reward versus short landings
  • If Sarah DeMeo will be the first ever to compete an arabian double pike in college
  • The role athletic directors have played in NCAA parity
  • Advice for Men’s Gymnastics – no fans means no institutional support

Guest Links

Kayla Williams Twitter KaylaRoseWms

University of Alabama Gymnastics: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

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10 years ago

Wow. Two great interviews. Good luck to Kayla this season! I found Sarah Patterson’s comments about preparing NCAA athletes for success after gymnastics really interesting. I can see how important it really is. It must be strange for gymnasts to end their NCAA eligibility and just one day be done with the sport. I can imagine for a lot of them, it is a really tough time and transitional period. I hope that other NCAA coaches have the same philosophy in regards to this as Sarah Patterson. Thanks again Gymcastic for bringing us gymnerds another great episode!

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