Beam Celery

Feb 15, 2021 | GymCastic, Podcast

Season 21, Episode 7: Celery Beam


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  • Simone showed a competition-ready Yurchenko double pike on 60 Minutes. We discuss what it should be valued and how we’re preparing for the injustice of it all, plus the inevitable fact-checking when civilians try to talk about gymnastics
  • Dianne Durham died last week. We discuss her legacy, what happened in 1984 and why we’re still not over it, and why she’s not in the US Hall of Fame. Sign the petition here.
  • The AA Olympic qualifiers have been canceled and the Doha World Cup has been postponed. We run through what it means for Olympic qualification
  • Aliya is the new acting head coach of the Russian juniors, and we have PLANS.
  • Sarah Finnegan has been elected athlete representative on the USAG board. How should we feel about this considering her #BroomGate past?


  • The 198s went flying. Spencer has…some views…about the scoring at LSU and Metroplex
  • Trinity Thomas went 39.900. Was it the best all-around NCAA performance we’ve ever seen?
  • The LIU beam rotation wasn’t basic, and opportunities for comedy were everywhere in stag-cat-pounces and Nia Dennis running away from vault.





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  1. Anon

    I have a problem with this! Jessica is so quick to harp on Sarah Finnegan. Yet she was so for Miss Val and her treatment of gymnasts. No one forgot the “agree to disagree” podcast! So if Jessica can get the benefit of doubt, why can’t Sarah? Sarah admitted her mistakes but can’t be forgiven?!?! Yet Jessica wants to be forgiven for her mistake? And the reason she blocked people was because of the harsh comments she was getting. She even got death threats. Let’s be fair Jessica! Look in the mirror. You are ALWAYS so quick to jump on anything that Sarah and LSU do, but yet you expect to get a pass when you mess up. Grow up Jessica!

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