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2023 Core Hydration Classic Start Lists

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Here are the start lists for the women. Click the link to view/download from USAG's website.

Junior Women

Senior Women - Session 1

Senior Women - Session 2

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Is Spencer able to live blog podium training?

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Bob Coasta was just CNN stating that this is Simone's "last go around" because of her severe advanced age!!  He was stating with fact that she is too old and even though there are other Olympians her age for gymnasts it's just too old.

He even stated that it took two years to "get herself together", hey Bob she did a lot away from the sport like build her own house and get married!


This is gross that an old white guy is going to tell Simone she can't do it!  Does he understand Simone closed the ranch with one tweet?!?!


The transcripts aren't available for his interview yet but WOW! It was disgusting to say that a 27 year old woman is beyond doing gymnastics.


Go Simone make him eat these words.


Yes I was doing Jessica's RAGE-O-METER!! and it still gets me enraged!


You will never understand just how much your podcasting on every topic has enlightened and impassioned me to live a life beyond borders even if I hate leaving my home.  Thank you!

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I don't understand how the pundits haven't learned yet: if you act like you know where Simone Biles' limits are, you will only make yourself look stupid.