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First time watching college gymnastics: the regionals experience

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Hi Jessica and Spencer!


I am a new-ish gym nerd, joining after the 2020 Olympics to no longer just be a 4 year fan. I have participated in some live BTS podcasts before but I haven’t written in, until now! I start this off by saying my gymnastics knowledge is VERY limited (I am a figure skater/coach) but I am now a gymnastics fan. I got ESPN+ this week to watch college gymnastics and Regionals for the first time and wanted to share some thoughts from watching all weekend:


  1. This shit is so nerve racking - holy cow. I have no direct ties to these teams and I still felt like my heart was going to fall out of my chest, especially watching the Pitt & Denver Regionals.
  2. I loved listening to Ashley Miles’ and Sam Peszek’s commentary. I did not care for Bridgette Sloans’s commentary. 
  3. I completely understand the artistry concern on floor - a few people stood out to me - first time watching Brooklyn Moors and she deserves alll the hype, the entire Mizzou team, Skyla Shulte, and a few more. I wish more people performed like that. I feel like 90% of routines I watched were filled with what looked like TikTok dances to me.
  4. I live in Michigan, so I am bias to U of M and MSU (curse that vault rotation, I was so sad for both of them!). I cannot deny the talent of OU, UCLA, Utah, but I have always been a fan of the underdog so I was really rooting for Missouri, Kentucky, Cal, Ohio state, etc. However, I LOVED the quiz that Spencer made for Vanessa Atler to determine her team - is it possible to provide that to new to NCAA gymnerds to take!?
  5. Since this is my first time watching college gymnastics - I was curious from your professional experience if any “leotard bonus” or “home arena bonus” was seen during regionals this year? 


Thank you both such an amazing podcast that allows those that are new to the gymnastics world as adults understand what is going on and learn so much about the sport. My best friend is moving to Ann Arbor, MI soon (I am 2hrs away) so I have already made her promise me to go to a U of M meet in person with me next year. Lastly, Spencer, the Balance Beam Situation was frequently visited by me this weekend and I agree with Jessica, you do not promote yourself enough! 


- Melanie