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[Sticky] GymCastic Fantasy League FAQ

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GymCastic Fantasy Gymnastics League

What Is It? 

The main league is a season-long fantasy league for the 2024 NCAA gymnastics season (and we plan to continue into the domestic and international elite seasons).

Yeah, But What is Fantasy Gymnastics?

Fantasy gymnastics is your opportunity to play head coach and create your own lineups each week during the season to see if you can outscore your fellow gym nerds. 

How Does It Work? 

Select a lineup of 5 athletes on each of the four apparatus. You are given a fictitious budget of $75,000 to create your roster. The higher the ranking of the athlete, the higher cost to add them to your roster. Our current pricing structure:

Tier 1 – 10 gymnasts, $6,250
Tier 2 – gymnasts, $5,000
Tier 3 – gymnasts, $3,000
Tier 4 – gymnasts, $2,000
Tier 5 – Everyone else, $1,000

You can set your lineup once and see how it goes or you can modify your roster each week.

  • Once logged in you should see a button that says Set Lineup. 
  • There's a dropdown menu to sort your selections by apparatus
  • **IMPORTANT: Click "Finish" under your selected athletes to SAVE your lineup.

At the end of the week's competitions, we will update the scores within the system and you will be able to see how your team scored compared to everyone else within the league. 

At the end of the season, the team with the highest cumulative points wins.

Do I Have to Spend All My Money? 

No. You just can't go over the salary cap. 

Can Everyone Draft the Same Athletes? 

Yes. That also means if you want to separate yourself, you'll want to find those extra tenths wherever you can. 

Can Friends Join?

Yes! Anyone can join. The league is open to all. 

Can I Give My Team A Name? 

Yes. Half the fun of fantasy sports is coming up with creative names... we may even reward our favorites. 

Can I Start My Own League?

Yes. Create it and name it whatever you want. Your league will mimic the GymCastic league settings.

What Happens if An Athlete Competes Twice in One Week?

We're going to take the top score. 

What Happens if an Athlete Doesn't Compete or They're On a Bye?

If the athlete is on your roster and they don't put up a score because they don't compete or are on a bye, unfortunately you get a zero. 

I'm Late Here... Can I Still Join?

Yes. You can start playing at any time, but you likely won't find yourself atop the leaderboard at the end of the season. With that said, creating lineups is fun, so welcome aboard.

What Do I Get Out of It? 

Aside from the fun of setting your lineups and seeing how brilliant you are... GymCastic is going to give away a free, full commissioned episode to the GymCastic League winner. If there are multiple winners, we will draw a name from the tied teams. 

Lastly, this is new for us too, so we're brainstorming other prizes as the season gets going. More on that in the near future. 

Anything Else? 

We started this league for the community, so we want your feedback. Please send us an email (include Fantasy in the Subject line) or drop a note in the new Fantasy section on the Forum—where you can also chat with each other.

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@shanna-buster did you ever get an answer to this? I'm wondering the same thing

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@hannah-t The week's start on Thursday and end on Monday. 

If we started the fantasy week on Monday, that would mean when the meets take place on Sat. and/or Sun. you'd have 24-48 hours to set your lineup for the following week--we didn't think that was good playability. This way you have 4-5 days at minimum. 

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