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Gymnastics-Themed Dice Game

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12G Games released a gymnastics-themed game a few days ago called Gymnastics Gold.  Small company so printed on demand when you order via The Game Crafter:

From the Website:

Gymnastics Gold is a dice manipulation and card game designed to simulate a high-level gymnastics meet. Players will rotate between Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise and Vault, drawing cards and choosing which skills they will try to execute. Harder skills yield greater rewards but also carry harsher deductions.

Each event has unique dice mechanics representing the gymnast's execution of her skills. Players must decide whether to keep rolling (chasing glory at the risk of more deductions) or to take their lumps and call it quits. Smart decisions--and getting an adrenaline boost at the right time--will ultimately make the difference between a gold medal and not even making the podium.

When the meet is over, awards are given to the top-scoring gymnast in each event, with one gymnast being crowned as All Around Champion.

After years of practice, it's time to claim your Gymnastics Gold!