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Timeline going to Tokyo

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I'm wondering about a few things:


When do the athletes leave for Tokyo?

Do they have to quarantine?  For how long?

When does Podium Training begin?  Will it be available streaming anywhere?

How long does Jessica have to stay in hotel prison?  Do the athletes have any hotel prison time?


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I've been wondering the same thing.  I thought we heard something about them having an in-country training camp somewhere in Japan.  (I think we heard this about the men's team and they said the women's team would be in a different location from the men.)

In the interviews, Suni has expressed apprehension about having to spend a lot of time isolated and mentioned maybe they'd have to play board games to keep from being on their phones too much.  I guess that's a likely approach from someone with younger siblings, but I would have thought "cards"  -- then wait for the influx of gymnasts on the World Poker Tour after the Olympics.  

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