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Olympic Trials Gym-Nerd Happy Hour?

Shane Stahl
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Hi gymternet friends! 


One of my best friends/gymnastics husband and I are attending trials in St Louis. We're planning on attending both nights of women's competition, and at least part of men's on Saturday night. I wondered: Would those who are going to be at Trials be interested in a happy-hour type of meetup? This is our first Trials, and we're SO excited.

I know there's going to be a Gymcastic-specific live event, but I thought it could be fun say, Sunday afternoon to meet somewhere near the arena for drinks and chat, then go watch women's night 2!

Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? Grievances? 😉 Interested to hear what people have to say!!!!!

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Angie Franklin
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I can't go, but in St.Louis you gotta have an Imo's Pizza and eat the Toasted Ravioli and Pasta con Broccoli at Rich & Charlies!

Austin V
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I think that’s a great idea! It’ll be my first trials as well and I’ll be traveling solo for most of it so I would like to along for happy hour if possible. 😊