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Upcoming Episode: Share Your Dumbest Gymnastics Rules

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We're about to record a new episode discussing the dumbest rules and would love to hear from you. We’re calling out the worst, stupidest, self-defeating, most awkward rules and conventions in gymnastics. Go. 

Kensley's Document Binder
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Basically all the leotard rules besides the no dark colors on the legs. These are grown adults who can pick what they can wear as long as it’s form fitting so they can see deductions who cares? Also the transition on uneven bars cap is the stupidest thing ever.

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Jessica's Wheezegiggle
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  • The E-Cap on Bars Transitions (The Second-Worst Kind of Transphobia)
    • I'm actually not too bothered by the E-caps on pirouettes and dance skills, but capping transitions on bars undermines the entire point of having two bars!
  • Non-Rebounding CV on beam
    • I get not having CV for non-rebounding acro connections, but if that's the case, why do non-rebounding dance and mixed connections get CV? A Front Aerial + Rulfova gets no CV, but if you stick a split jump between them you get 0.2 CV and 0.1 SB... wut??
  • The Dance Passage CR on floor
    • It's stupid and the worst. It doesn't add anything to the routines and makes them all look generic. Every other CR helps demonstrate variety and mastery of the apparatus, while the dance passage CR demonstrates nothing.

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