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Episode 35: Jake Dalton

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Dalton design by the amazing Andrew Novialdi. Go look at his work. Right now. Listen to the show and browse his site at the same time. We are in love. Why are you still reading this? Get over there.

This week our guest is World team medalist, Olympian, 2013 American Cup Champion, former Oklahoma Sooner, and founder of Mesomorphic ClothingJake Dalton. He tells us about: how his female coach, Wanda Fredericks, and skateboarding videos helped him with his air sense, choosing Oklahoma, being a sex symbol, how he proposed to Kayla Nowak, which TV show sparked the idea for his company, what it was like to compete in the Pro Gymnastics Challenge, what new skills he’s working on, training for the specific equipment that will be used at Worlds in Belgium, how he got his toe point, advice for gymnastics parents and the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

Blythe gives us the deets on the scandal at German nationals, the harsh decision to ban Uzbekistan’s Luiza Galulina for two years and how Victoria Moors laidout double double stole the show at Canadian Championship. We are joined by Evan Heiter of Twitter fame and our friend Lauren Hopkins from The Couch Gymnast, for a full review and to give sage suggestions for improving the Pro Gymnastics Challenge We discuss every important aspect of the meet, including Catalina Ponor‘s boyfriend situation, awkward language barrier moments,  and why Rothlisberger should be named color commentator of the year.

Fundraiser T-Shirts to support victims of the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma here.

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A portion of the proceeds from each shirt go to the Red Cross.

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Pro Gymnastics Challenge Part 1

Victoria Moors laid-out double double in prelims and floor finals at Canadian Championships last week.

Rock & Roll Gymnastics Championships Part 1 of the 1995

World Professional Gymnastics Championships 1998 featuring Produnova Part 9

Women’s Professional Gymnastics Championships featuring Elena Piskun and Amy Chow in 1997 Part 9

Hollie Vise’s Marilyn Monroe “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” Beam Routine from the Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular (not a pro-meet, it’s an exhibition but still…)

World Professional Gymnastics Championships 1997 Part 1

Battle of the Sexes 1997

Rock n’ Roll Gymnastics 1997 featuring Kim Zmeskal and Svetlana Boginskaya

Lilia Podkopayeva’s Cowboy-hat-country-Cotton-Eye’d-Joe Floor routine (thank you Laura!)

Reese’s Cup Lilia Podkopayeva 19997 Beam
“The unique format of the Reese’s International Gymnastics Cup allowed the competitors creative license to use elements such as special costumes and music to enhance the theatrical elements of their performance. The women competed are bars, beam and floor, while the men competed on floor, rings and high bar.”

Marie Fjordholm BB crash


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11 years ago

Do Thi Ngan Thuong is from Vietnam. Not Thailand!

11 years ago
Andrew Novialdi
11 years ago

I LOVE Jake’s interview! You asked the burning questions in our hearts as his fan. Also hilarious when you say “You are a national team athlete. Don’t you dare get hurt. Don’t you know you’re a national treasure” A treasure he is!

11 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the podcasts!
They are a great running companion!!!
So many gymnasts I would like to know more about, so here is a couple of suggestions:
The Pro Challenge got me curious to know more about Petrix Barbosa.
And if a guy could dream, I would love an interview with the legendary greek gymnast Ioannis Melissanidis…

Keep up with the good work, you guys are doing a great job!!!

10 years ago

Since finding these podcasts earlier this summer, I have excitedly and intently begun listening to each one in order , not minding at all that I already know much of the “news” that gets discussed(and refusing to go out of order). The interviews and discussions really fill a small void in this gym nerd’s heart 🙂 so thank you!

Just this weekend I got to episode 35 (with Jake Dalton). (These podcasts really help with long drives!) Anyways, I thought I might be able to shed a little regarding furosemide as a banned substance. I believe (and confirmed on several websites) that fursoemide, as well as several other diuretics, is primarily on the banned substance list for its role as a potential masking agent for other performance enhancing drugs. Its clinical use, as a diuretic for edema, CHF, and hypertension, is not the primary concern, though for sports with weight classes/body image concerns, I could see the potential for abuse.

I apologize if this is addressed in a future podcast, but I am only on episode 37 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work, and hopefully I will be caught up soon!

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