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College Season Begins!

  • The 2024 college season kicked off with the Super 16 Chaos Festival. We have a LOT of thoughts on the commentary trio (the confusion! the interrupting! the popcorn comment!) and also maybe a couple on the routines or whatever
    • Hear more on last week’s College & Cocktails episode on the Oklahoma Michigan Super 16 meet.
  • Week 1 of the new Finish Position deduction. How did everyone do at remembering this is a thing now? Will it last?
  • Correct or Corrupt takes on the “fully candy bars” UB judging at the Super 16. All those 9.900s were at the same level, RIGHTTTT?
  • Plus, 10.000 Watch, who survived beam the best, the attack of the almost-stick, a coach-interference moment, and more

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