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Headline News

  • In a big win for Gymnasts for Change, British Gymnastics released new safeguarding policies that should be the model for federations around the world
  • Riley McCusker is injured, and Spencer tries to convince you it’s all just a bad dream
  • Lindenwood is shutting down its gymnastics team after the 2024 season
  • More on the banning of Elvira Saadi in Canada

NCAA 2024 – Getting Ahead of the Game

  • Jessica corners you in an elevator and tells you what she loves about college gymnastics
  • Death to the “Alabama Shuffle:” a major rule change is coming to college gymnastics landings in 2024. We administer a quiz on the new regulations, discuss which gymnast the new requirement was obviously modeled after, and give our overall impressions
  • Meet the Ninja Level 10s: Learning the names of gymnasts you can become obsessed with before the bandwagon starts, including KJ Kindler’s dream come true, the new queen of bars, and…Nastia’s clone?

Power Rankings Fight

  • A.k.a., why does Jessica hate Flavia? We released our new GymCastic World Elite Power Rankings, and Spencer would like everyone to know that it’s not his fault.
  • Plus, an update on Russia at the Olympics, as well as lawsuits about NIL and Title IX
  • Possibly the most unusual/fun meet location ever? Make It Count Dolly Parton Stampede meet (not NCAA)

The GIFT of Club Gym Nerd

Syd and her mom display a black banner with white lettering and a goat that says Simone Freakin' Biles.

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