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Gymnastics Movie Club: Perfect Body (Commissioned)


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Perfect Body

We watched the 1997 TV movie Perfect Body and now we REALLY need to talk about it as a family. Especially…

  • That thing where you just started training elite and you’re 16-27 years old and also the Olympics are tomorrow and you’re going to make it
  • Gender roles: Still going great, no notes
  • How bars coaching means just yelling “TAP” 100 times in a row
  • Why this movie has never heard of high school, or Seattle
  • What the 1996 team gold did to deserve ALL THE SHADE it gets from this movie
  • How you get random cortisone injections from Cathy Rigby over by beam
  • Clingy boyfriends who interrupt training and somehow don’t get murdered????
  • The Stunt Doubles of Insane Back Flexibility: Chari Knight and Kristie Phillips, and where this movie ranks in terms of gymnastics skill accuracy
  • Just an extended purple windbreaker fever dream where you train on a low beam in a hotel room
  • Moody vault timers at sunset and whatever an “All City Gymnastics Demonstration” is
  • How the soundtrack NAILED it, and much more


Syd and her mom display a black banner with white lettering and a goat that says Simone Freakin' Biles.

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