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Podium Training: 2024 U.S. Classic BTS

Welcome to Behind The Scenes!

Everything that happened at U.S. Classic Podium Training featuring Olympic AA Champions: Simone Biles, Suni Lee and Gabby Douglas. Including what you didn’t see on camera.  We are answering questions and discussing everything pre-Classic. We recorded live right after podium training (right here, on the page, login to reveal the podcast).

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Paris McGee (of Ohio State and doing Laurie and Simone’s floor routines-fame) joined Jessica.  We discussed:

  • All the Olympic Champions and every single thing they did!
  • Suni’s plan to petition to do all-around at Championships
  • Gabby Douglas perfect bars and travel drama
  • The Washington Post’s Pick Your Highest Scoring Team Machine 
  • Jordan, Tiana, Josc, Trinity, Jade, Kaliya, Leanne, DiCello
  • Simone’s new floor routine!

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U.S. Classic Fantasy Game
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Behind The Scenes is a weekly Q&A live podcast. It’s all part of the bonus content for our Club Members who supporting our work year around.


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Gym Nerd
1 month ago

Do you have a podium prediction? I also just want to say I Love the podcast gets me through the week

Elizabeth Winterbee
Gym Nerd
1 month ago

I don’t think Gabby will qualify / make it to Paris, and personally, I wont be too upset

Gym Nerd
1 month ago

How does one listen to the live? Do I need to pay for it or will they post it somewhere later

Gym Nerd
1 month ago

Can someone help me access the live? Ik its after 12 pm lol will it be posted

1 month ago
Reply to  gaabreele

To access the full podcast, just make sure you’re logged in and you should see the audio player and the video thumbnail. To watch/comment live while we record the show you can follow the instructions here: You can watch directly from the show page or click through on the video thumbnail into YouTube (see link above). Lastly, you can easily add the club shows to your podcast player (instructions here: If you have further questions, please email

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