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International Report: Steve Butcher Interview


Video version of this episode to come.


Time to gym nerd out with us in the deepest of deep dives because Steve Butcher knows all the things. In our second interview with the former International Gymnastics Federation  MTC President and FIG Sports Director we discuss:

  • What exactly happened at the Tokyo Olympics when Simone Biles coach ran over to him to remove Simone from the meet
  • The new FIG rules Simone’s Tokyo health struggle inspired
  • His thoughts on the FIG decision to open the door for Russia in Paris
  • Judging pommel horse at the the 2012 Olympic Team Final; the Kohei dismount controversy
  • What happened at the 2012 Olympics when US head coach, Kevin Mazeika, asked about changing the US mens team final lineup
  • Judging bias evaluation and what the data showed after Tokyo
  • Fujitsu robot judging, how it started and what’s to come for gymnasts
  • The future of World Championships from site selection to qualifying to reducing costs
  • Proposed changes to the next Code of Points
  • Why men have more opportunities for medals than women in artistic gymnastics
  • Leaving the FIG to join Evo
  • Advice to gym nerds who want to rise to the top of the FIG like he did



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Gym Nerd
8 months ago

I think adding a 5th category for WAG could easily be men’s style of floor. It would be best if the gymnasts could then decide if they want “men style floor” or women style floor to count towards their all around score (if thats works with scoring?). And of course, gymnasts could compete in both versions for a higher medal count, eg Simone could easily do both but power gymnasts like Jade could finally stop having to dance 🙂

Jay Zee
Jay Zee
7 months ago

As a former collegiate gymnast and current FIG men’s judge I don’t want more non acro skills. The WOW factor is in the big tumbling. That is artistic in itself. I agree with Steve!

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