139: Steve Butcher, President of the FIG Men’s Technical Committee

Mar 4, 2015 | GymCastic, Interviews, Podcast

Steve Butcher smiling on the floor in Nanning, China

FIG Men’s Technical Committee President, Steve Butcher


This Week's Interview
This week the President of the International Gymnastics Federation Men’s Technical Committee, Mr. Steve Butcher is here. Yes, the Nelli Kim of men’s gymnastics talks about spring board thieves, fashion rules, Execution score data analysis (nerdgasm!), tons of Code of Points nerdtastic details, gymnastics jail and if he would want his own son to do elite gymnastics. This is important to you women’s gymnastics fans becuase MAG and WAG rules must now inform each other. What happens in men’s effects the women’s rules! We discuss:

  • The FIG’s analysis of Execution score parity between men’s and women’s judges.
  • The downfall of having too many examples of Execution scores on the FIG Helpdesk.
  • Bruno Grandi’s statement that biomechanics will become a bigger part of the Code of Points versus the medical aspect of athlete health.
  • Bringing back the 10.0 and making it Execution score more visible during competitions.
  • Date for the next Code of Points newsletter with bonus content for the first time in 20-ish years.
  • Artistry in men’s gymnastics: What President Butcher’s female friends say they want to see on men’s floor exercise.
  • Country imposed minimum scores which prevent gymnasts from competing in major international competitions.
  • Release from gymnastics jail for judges – how judges from non-power house countries can gain more experience.
  • Misconceptions about the powers of his position and responsibility for the current Code of Points.
  • How closely he works with Nelli Kim to make sure women’s and men’s gymnastics inform each other.
  • The rule making process — concnesus or majority.
  • Fixing the Broken Grip Rule!
  • Can the FIG regulate the manufacture of grips like they do the equipment?
  • Getting the FIG to match the gold standard for social media and streaming video that USAG has set.

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