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123: All Around Finals at the 2014 World Championships

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Our coverage of the 2014 Gymnastics World Championships in Nanning, China continues with a full recap of the women’s and men’s all-around final.  Uncle Tim, Lauren and Jessica chat about:

  • The podium and the BEE!
  • All of the new members of the Hot Pink Nation.
  • Gutsuism, fair or unfair.
  • Larissa Iordache — She finally did it and had higher start value than Simone.
  • Sexy Data –Who performed the highest difficulty and scored best in execution  for the men and women?
  • SamGate — What happened with Sam Mikulak’s parallel bar routine?
  • Yao Jinnan’s bonus wipeout moment at the end of her floor routine.
  • The Longines Prize for Elegance — Should the same gymnast be able to win more than once?
  • Vanessa Ferrari — Her gymnastics prowess and the leaps that drive us nuts.

Contest Alert!

Why:  We want to create a playlist of songs that should be used for floor routines.

What:  Send us the song title and artist name for a song that’s never been used in a floor routine before.

How to Enter: Send your song to, and we will choose the winners at random. Not Twitter or Facebook, please!

Deadline: November 1, 2014

Prizes:  Official P&G Championships chalk (a whole box!), black polo shirt (small),  water bottle,  towel with carrying case.

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9 years ago

Kyla’s execution WAS better than Simone in the past… but definitely not this year and even last year it .. I guess on par? But Simone makes it look much easier so that’s why I’d give her benefit of the doubt, and she flows much better than Kyla ever has and ever will. I am afraid that will never change whether she ends up upgrading or not.

I have to say I don’t agree with Simone outscoring Aliya on bars in E… I feel Aliya had more pauses in handstand, which obviously shows that she made them whereas I feel like Simone moved out of them more quickly.. so that’s the only way to say I guess. Also Simone had a lil issue at the beginning of the routine on the Weiler.. I don’t know, sure Aliya has some issues (like the Pak thing), but they aren’t “deductible” so :\ I’m also sort of wondering about Larisa’s bars, I’ve seen it and it was cleaner as usual, but .2 behind Aliya??? Idk man. I try to be reasonable bc Aliya isn’t perfect, I know, but on bars.. just eh. I feel the bars and beam scoring has been a little wonky all through championships, where I just don’t get some of the results (not so much the actual E scores, but more the proportional differences I guess?

O my God Jess I wish I could hear what you beeped out when you were having your universalsports gymgasm lol. But please start breathing o my hahaha

Here’s the link to the full video of Nabs and Kramarenko smashing cake in each other’s face: It’s to celebrate the third place team finish :’)

About Aliya’s leo.. when Aly said that about the leo, someone on Tumblr was like ‘well that explains fourth place’ haha 😉

What stood out to me was Alla Sosnitskaya’s 7th place finish! The top 6 all had strong competitions, but the other 18 almost all fell at least once.. And Sosnitskaya obviously had a terrible time during TF and in general though consistent at home, looks somewhat unsure in big competitions. So I’m soooo proud of her doing so well in her first big AA competition. Sure she has lots to improve but I’m just so happy for her. On Tumblr there’s a post going where she went to Massilia 2013 and scored 52.225 and finished behind for example Kramarenko, Rodionova, Ocolisan and Fragapane and this year she had a great AA scoring 56.166! I’m just so happy for her.

And I soooooo agree with Uncle Tim about Oleggggg hnggggg he’s my crush too. The thing I’m most upset about is that he’s shorter than me 🙁 I need that Fabi/Oleg/Igor sandwich hug to happen.

Also, I’m totally against being able to win the Longines prize twice. Like I’m so annoyed? Sure Uchimura is a great gymnast and competitor but he’s not the only one??? Give it to someone else jeez, he already wins enough prizes as it is! I’m not completely into Yao Jinnan winning it this time either. Imo that was totally ‘home advantage’, but ok. I’d give it to Mustafina, of course. She’s elegant, a wonderful team player, great posture, one of the nicest and most genuine gymnasts.. i”m just like, how has she not won it? Or Lieke Wevers hehe. Have you even seeeeeen her floor? Like guys??! FOR REAL!!!

gymcastic listener
gymcastic listener
9 years ago

Can we submit more than one song for the floor music suggestion list? I have so many ideas!

9 years ago

Hey guys, regarding the “pink panther” leo, panthers are actually just black leopards or jaguars. If you look at pictures closely, you can see that they do have spots, they are just hard to see because they are black!

9 years ago

It`s really hard to listen your podcast with all that giggles and loud laughs. Can`t you cut it?

9 years ago
Reply to  Desre

Agree. I love that you enjoy recording the show so much, but the jumps in volume (laughing, squealing, etc) make it really hard to listen to, especially with headphones.

Ed Ward
Ed Ward
9 years ago
Reply to  GymCasticCrew

Don’t apologize for the laughter and giggles. They make me smile and I heard the podcast just fine!

9 years ago

Re: Uchimura winning Prize for elegance more than once.
Just loved host intention to give it this year to Kyla Ross (like she didn`t win it already). Double standart alert or what.
If Uchimura got the highest E score on all events in AA of all 24 athletes,. then he clearly deserved this Prize. Besides he is a great ambassador for elegance and artistry because he is not giving it up for the sake of difficult elements executed poorly.
Besides, a gymnast should be elegant on all 6 apparatus. I cannot suggest anyone, except Uchimura.

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