123: All Around Finals at the 2014 World Championships

Oct 13, 2014 | GymCastic, Podcast

Graphic Design by MegTwelve. Visit her store at http://twelvestore.bigcartel.com

Graphic Design by MegTwelve. Visit her store at http://twelvestore.bigcartel.com


In the News

Our coverage of the 2014 Gymnastics World Championships in Nanning, China continues with a full recap of the women’s and men’s all-around final.  Uncle Tim, Lauren and Jessica chat about:

  • The podium and the BEE!
  • All of the new members of the Hot Pink Nation.
  • Gutsuism, fair or unfair.
  • Larissa Iordache — She finally did it and had higher start value than Simone.
  • Sexy Data –Who performed the highest difficulty and scored best in execution  for the men and women?
  • SamGate — What happened with Sam Mikulak’s parallel bar routine?
  • Yao Jinnan’s bonus wipeout moment at the end of her floor routine.
  • The Longines Prize for Elegance — Should the same gymnast be able to win more than once?
  • Vanessa Ferrari — Her gymnastics prowess and the leaps that drive us nuts.

Contest Alert!

Why:  We want to create a playlist of songs that should be used for floor routines.

What:  Send us the song title and artist name for a song that’s never been used in a floor routine before.

How to Enter: Send your song to gymcastic@gmail.com, and we will choose the winners at random. Not Twitter or Facebook, please!

Deadline: November 1, 2014

Prizes:  Official P&G Championships chalk (a whole box!), black polo shirt (small),  water bottle,  towel with carrying case.

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Watch the Universal Sports broadcast for free on http://www.usagymworlds.com/live/

Nanning TV is showing a live stream and has very entertaining behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. No Chinese language knowledge necessary! Check it out here http://www.nntv.cn/live/nntv_gg/

Check out the video grid of routines from Worlds http://thegymter.net/2014/10/05/worlds-qualification-videos-running-master-list/

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Japan's Hatakeda Hitomi withdraws from women's all-around final at gymnastics worlds after suffering spinal injury https://buff.ly/3m0qQco