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72: John Orozco

interview gymnast john orozco

Gymnast and ninja prodigy, John Orozco.


This Week's Interview

We all know the story of his parents struggle to pay for his gymnastics lessons, his unlikely start in a borough of New York City, his meteoric rise to three-time, consecutive, junior national champion, senior national champion, Olympian and World Medalist; but what has it been like to be favored for Olympic glory only to fall short of your and seemingly, your country’s goal? John speaks frankly about the highs and lows since the Olympics, and the struggle to regain his mojo. We discuss:

  • The pressure he put on himself to support his family.
  • How his “failure” (his words, not ours) in London changed him.
  • Being labeled, “The Kid From The Bronx.”
  • He gymnerds-out with us about vault, vault, more vault.
  • The cruelty of social media and how to stay positive when in the public eye.
  • His advice and drills for being proficient on the dreaded pommel horse.
  • The reason for his angry tweets after tearing his ACL on the post-Olympic tour.
  • Public nudity
  • Which meets have the best after parties!

Guest Links

John Orozco Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine.

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