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122: Team Finals at the 2014 World Championships

Our full recap of the 2014 Gymnastics World Championship men’s and women’s team finals from Nanning, China. Graphic Design by MegTwelve. Visit her store at



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Our coverage of the 2014 Gymnastics World Championships in Nanning, China continues. Jessica, Uncle Tim and Lauren Hopkins cover the men’s and women’s team finals:

  • Gabby Jupp redeems herself and Jessica apologizes for confusing Hannah Whelan and Ruby Harold!
  • Sexy Data about the men’s start values and execution.
  • The Japan vs. China team men’s team final controversy, is it worth discussing and is it any different from any other sport?
  • Olivia Vivian and her beer cozy wrist band to honor her father.
  • The best routines of team finals.
  • The fluidity and O’Beirne Code approved brilliance of Japan’s beam routine composition.
  • The reason the Chinese women lost the world championship – they didn’t use Bai Yawen in finals!
  • The leadership and patience with which Aliya Mustafina and Larissa lordache lead their teams.
  • Khorkina’s complaints about team Russia.
  • The adorableness of Bai Yawen hugging Mustafina on the podium.
  • The new trend in men’s gymnastics, the comb-over bump it.
  • The unstoppable awesomeness of the US women’s gymnastics team!

Come back Saturday to hear our recap of the women’s and men’s all around finals.

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  1. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU that’s so nice of all you guys! I /am/ obsessed haha. And I do hope next year I’ll have an even bigger reason to be 😉

    And I tooooootally agree with the Russian team and just.. how they looked at their competition and how they were OK with the result. Khorkina obviously is somewhat more knowledgable about the Russian gymnastics situation, but at the same time, as you said, she’s from a different generation. She’s not a gymnast anymore, she has no idea what living at Round Lake is at this time. She doesn’t know. So her opinion about all of this is about as legit and important as any of ours. And definitely LESS important than for example Aliya’s right now, who is, once again, carrying the team. Which Khorkina never really had to do. So I mean, I guess I love Khorkina as much as anyone (not really bc she was overscored at Euros 2002 so Verona van de Leur got second which was undeserved – I’m still mad about that) but if Aliya is happy, then we should be content with that.

    Also to comment to Sara above, Semenova’s dismount was an Arabian double pike (starting in regular grip from a backward giant), whereas.. I don’t know how Dandan’s dismount should be named, but starts from L grip (I think) from a forward giant. So it’s a different dismount. I don’t think anyone else does it.. but I guess it’s in the code already? I looked and it looks like Dandan’s dismount is number 6.408 (D) where Semy’s is 6.507.(E)


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